Flag printing is a special type of printing with its own special requirements. Flags are typically viewed from both sides and, while printing is completed only on one side of the flag, there is an expectation from customers that the image shows-though to the reverse of the flag with a reasonable about of same colour and density. Choice of media is paramount as is the choice of printer. Mutoh offers a 1910mm direct to fabric flag printer capable of printing flags with excellent show-through; as well as several transfer sublimation printers. Please discuss ink and configuration options for flag printing with your authorised Mutoh dealer, or contact Mutoh Australia for further information. 

Our range of products suited to the Flag market include:

Sublimation Printers

  • RJ-900X - 42" four colour printer

  • XPJ-1682WR - 64" (1624 mm) dual staggered heads, 2xCMYK or CMYK, Lc, Lm, Lk

  • VJ-1938WX - 75" (1910 mm) dual staggered print heads, 2xCMYK or up to 8 colours

  • VJ-1948WX - 75" (1910 mm) four staggered print heads, 2xCMYK or CMYL, Lc, Lm, Lk, LLk

  • VJ-2638X - 102" (2600 mm), dual staggered print heads, double CMYK

Textile Direct Printers

  • VJ-1938TX - 75" (1910mm) direct to textile printer with Orange, Green and Blue inks