March 2020

Mutoh Australian Warranty

1.0 Purpose of this Document

This is the warranty statement by Mutoh Australia (henceforth known as “Mutoh”), for Mutoh Products (“Product/s”) imported for sale in Australia by Mutoh. Mutoh Australia, ABN 96 139 760 400, is located at 19/76 Reserve Rd Artarmon NSW Australia, ph +61 2 94371366 e:

2.0 Purchaser's Statutory Rights

2.1 Mutoh Australia’s warranty terms are in addition to rights, conditions or warranties, which may be implied by the Australian Consumer Law. To the extent permitted by applicable law, and subject to exclusions set out below, Mutoh warrants that the Mutoh Product shall be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of Dealer Invoice (“Standard Express Warranty”), provided that:

2.1.1 the Product was purchased by the End-User in Australia either direct from Mutoh Australia or from a Mutoh authorised dealer or representative;

2.1.2 The Product was not purchased for re-sale;

2.1.3 the Product was purchased new by the End-User – or otherwise sold with a full warranty and in such cases having express written approval by Mutoh Australia.

2.2 Mutoh Australia shall limit its liability for any breach of any condition or warranty that cannot be excluded by law to perform repairs or replace parts of the products, supply equivalent products, or pay for of the repair or replacement of the Products or of equivalent Products; and shall exclude all warranties, conditions or liability other than those implied by law or expressly provided for in this warranty.


3.0 No Representation of Suitability

3.1 Mutoh Australia makes no claims, warranty or representation, implied or that:

3.1.1 the Product will suit an End-User’s specific requirements;

3.1.2 the Product will perform to any level of expectation when using third-party printable and or cut-able media

3.1.3 the operation of the Product will be error-free, uninterrupted or secure;

3.1.4 all defects, alleged or otherwise, not affecting performance of the Product will be corrected.


4.0 Standard Express Warranty

4.1 Mutoh Australia Pty Ltd ("Mutoh") products are warranted to be free of fault in both workmanship and materials for a period of one (1) year from the date of invoice from the original authorised Dealer for the original Purchaser (henceforth known as the “End-User”) only, provided that:

4.1.1 the Product was correctly installed by a Mutoh Australia authorised technician or service agent;

4.1.2 the Product is/has been used under normal operating conditions as detailed in the Product’s user documentation and manuals;

4.1.3 the Product has not been altered or modified in any way;

4.1.4 the warranty claim was received by a Mutoh Australia authorised dealer or service agent or by Mutoh Australia, and approved by Mutoh Australia;

4.1.5 the product uses, where applicable, Mutoh approved inks, parts and consumables unless express written authorisation has been obtained from Mutoh Australia prior to purchase specifically identifying the product by serial number.


5.0 Warranty Service

5.1 During the warranty period or otherwise, at Mutoh’s sole discretion, and to the extend permitted by law:

5.1.1 Warranty repair or replacement does not extend or renew the original Warranty period of the Product;

5.1.2 Mutoh agrees to replace, repair or make good any or all of any part of the Product found to be defective in workmanship or material, free of charge;

5.1.3 Mutoh will not provide loan Products and will not bear the cost of the End-User obtaining, renting or borrowing another Product during Warranty service;

5.1.4 All parts and components replaced during a warranty service or repair will become the property of Mutoh, including the Product itself where the Product is replaced. The cost of returning the Product or parts that have been replaced, shall be at the End-User’s expense. If the Product or replaced parts are not returned within 30 days of replacement and are not in the same condition as at the time of replacement, then the End-User will be invoiced at Mutoh’s recommended retail price for that Product or replacement parts and once invoiced, return of those parts or the Product will no longer be accepted;

5.1.5 If the Product is located outside of the Service Boundaries area, as specified by Mutoh (or as specified by the attending Dealer or Service Agent), then the End-User shall bear all related travel costs of the Mutoh authorised technician or Service Agent attending the End-User’s site.

6.0 Warranty Void

6.1 Mutoh's warranty will not apply in any of the following:

6.1.1 if the End-User or users of the Product fail to care for and maintain the Product as detailed in Mutoh documentation, online resources and / or as advised by Mutoh and it’s authorised representatives from time to time;

6.1.2 if the End-User or users of the Product fail to have the Product serviced at the required service intervals as detailed in Mutoh documentation, online resources and / or as advised by Mutoh and it’s authorised representatives from time to time;

6.1.3 If any attempt is made to repair or service, the product by non- authorised Mutoh Service Personnel without express written authority from Mutoh;

6.1.4 where damage, failures or poor performance of a Product is due to the use of non- Mutoh-approved products, consumables or parts, including but not limited by, use of third party inks and fluids or printable or cut-able media in Mutoh Printers or Cutters;

6.1.5 use of Mutoh -branded products that have been purchased as a parallel import and such third party consumables cause damage, fault or failure to operate as expected;

6.1.6 defects and failures due to accident, abuse negligence, Act of God, power spikes and electrical interference, or relocation not caused by Mutoh or its authorised agents;

6.1.7 use of the Product in any way for which it was not originally designed or installed.

7.0 Reasonable Expectation

7.1 Mutoh has a reasonable expectation that any problems or issues that arise with the Product be reported to an authorised Dealer or Representative or to Mutoh Australia direct. In these cases, we reasonably expect the End User to report problems and issues within 7 days.


8.0 Other items not covered by warranty

8.1 The following items shall not be covered by warranty:

8.1.1 use of consumables used in the maintenance, service or repair of a Product;

8.1.2 costs relating to removal or relocation of a Product within the installation premises or to other locations after the original installation of the Product;

8.1.3 loss, injury or damage howsoever caused and not limited to any consequential loss, cost of trade, material costs, loss profit or economic costs, or cleaning or rebuilding;

8.1.4 travel and associated costs outside the metropolitan Service Boundaries defined by Mutoh;

8.1.5 Any loss, injury or damage attributable to any fault in workmanship or material in the product beyond the repair, replacement or making good of such product;

8.1.6 The Warranty for a product is not transferrable to another party in cases such as, but not limited to, the Product changes owners during the Warranty period.

9.0 Replacement Parts

9.1 All replacement parts installed during the 12 months Standard Warranty will be warranted to the end of the 12 month Warranty period or for a period of 90 days – whichever is greater - from the date of the original Dealer invoice from Mutoh Australia or an authorised dealer. Mutoh branded Parts and Products obtained via parallel import will not be covered by warranty.

10.0 Accessories, consumables and optional parts

10.1 Defective or Dead on Arrival (“DOA") accessories, consumables and optional items purchased with the Product during installation may be replaced free of charge to the End-User, at Mutoh’s sole discretion, providing:

10.1.1 The End-User reports these defects in writing within a reasonable amount of time but no more that 3 working days after the Product was installed and Mutoh approves the End-User’s claim after a reasonable amount of time to consider and, if necessary, inspecting the defect as reported.

11.0 Exclusions

11.1 Mutoh Australia Product Warranties, including any Extended Warranties that may be offered, do not cover loss or damage to the Product due to any of the following:

11.1.1 Misuse; accidental damage; Acts of God; Act of War, acts of terrorism; sabotage; civil unrest, riot; fire; electrical supply fluctuations and changes; abuse; tampering; improper installation; improper re- location; improper or neglected maintenance; neglecting to have the Product serviced; improperly stored consumables; improperly used consumables; consumables that are used outside the recommended use-before date; exposure to moisture, flood or adverse weather; tempest; excessive temperatures including operation or storage outside the environment conditions recommended by Mutoh; interference by foreign objects; sand, dirt, dust, vermin, other environmental conditions and failure to follow precautions or the proper operating instructions stated by Mutoh in the Product documentation, information, online resources or as advised by Mutoh from time to time;

11.1.2 deficiencies in consumable parts including but not limited to ink or other liquid leakage or battery or leakage or failure;

11.1.3 damage caused by print heads or the print carriage striking the media, foreign objects or any other part of the machine;

11.1.4 printable and/or cut -able media not sold by Mutoh Australia;

11.1.5 any non-Mutoh Products;

11.1.6 computer operating systems, software, software upgrades, firmware, firmware upgrades;

11.1.7 fair wear and tear;

11.1.8 any product that has been defaced or the serial number or other identification marks removed or altered;

11.1.9 electrical and/or network supply, configuration, upgrades, installation, alterations or testing and tagging. The cost for all electrical supply, alterations, installations and tagging to Australian Standards is at the End-User’s own cost and risk.


12.0 Warranty on consumable parts

12.1 The following parts are regarded as consumable items: ink, dyes, fluids; blades, cutting strips, tubes, tube connectors; pumps, motors, print heads, cap tops, dampers, ink reservoirs, solenoids, valves, globes and lamps including LED UV Lamps.

12.2 Consumable items are warranted against defects in workmanship and material, however as consumable items have a definite life that varies according to use or non-use, Mutoh offer no claims, warranty or representation, implied or otherwise as to the life expectancy of consumable products. Any claims regarding consumable items must made be directly to the Dealer from which they were purchased, and Mutoh Australia must receive the claim within seven (7) days from the date of Invoice.


13.0 Contacting Mutoh


All initial enquiries must be made through your Dealer or Authorised Mutoh representative.

Mutoh Australia
19/76 Reserve Rd
Artarmon NSW Australia
ph +61 2 94371366