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Mutoh Genuine Eco-Ultra Ink

Ink for Eco-Solvent Printers

Mutoh Eco Ultra inks are Mutoh’s most popular inks for outdoor sign applications on a wide range of uncoated and coated substrates. The inks are based on non-aggressive solvents and do not spread any harmful VOCs in the working environment. 

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Mutoh Eco-Ultra ink is designed for printing to coated and uncoated media rated for Eco-Solvent inks and for use both indoors and outdoors, with UV and water resistance for up to three years.

With the right media, Mutoh Eco_Ultra ink produces great results for a wide range of applications:

  • Signage

  • Banners

  • Billboards

  • Banner Mesh

  • Point-of-Sale

  • Backlit displays

  • Posters

  • Photographic Reproduction

  • Floor Graphics

  • Trade Shows

  • Flags

  • ...and more

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