Mutoh Genuine UV Ink

Ink for UV Printers

Mutoh’s CMYK LED UV inks have been specifically developed for Mutoh’s specialty / industrial UV printers. Both flex and rigid inks are available. The inks are also available in white and varnish colours. The white ink will produce excellent results onto coloured or transparent media.



Mutoh UV ink is specifically formulated and packaged for use in Mutoh UV printers and is available in 220ml cartridges. Using genuine Mutoh inks gives you peace of mind and the protection of our full product warranty for your Mutoh UV printer.

Mutoh LED UV inks allow printing on both roll and rigid substrates and on a wide variety of products and their prototypes, even 3D objects up to 70mm thick on the ValueJet 426UF desktop flatbed printer. Our LED UV printers integrate an energy-efficient LED-UV lamp that instantly cures the UV inks and delivers safe and ready to use prints. Mutoh ValueJet UV printers use LED Lamps that output little or no heat, which means printing onto heat-sensitive materials is possible.

Prints made with Mutoh UV ink are UV and water resistant for up to three years outdoors.

Mutoh UV Inks are completely VOC free and contain no Hazardous Air Pollutants (non-HAP).