VJ-1938TX Textile Printer

1910mm (75") Direct to Textile

Specifically targeted at sampling of short run on-demand & local digital production of garments, upholstery, fashion, swimwear, interior deco fabrics, home textiles, flags, etc.., the VJ-1938TX - a 75" (1910 mm) wide dual staggered head printer - combines proven technology with a high-precision mechanical design.


 The ValueJet 1938TX is a 1.9 metre (75") high productivity Direct to Textile printer. Some of the VJ-1938TX features include:

  • Eight colour, 75 inch (1910 mm) direct to textile printer

  • Mutoh genuine textile pigment ink: CMYKOBGK or 2x CMYK

  • Prints to coated polyester or pre-treated cotton and other natural fibres - one inkset* 

  • Sliding platen cover makes printing to open weave media easy

  • Dual, staggered head setup with latest generation 1440 nozzle Piezo heads

  • Built-in fabric transport system with sensor driven front/rear tensioning

  • The textile tensioning cylinder is placed close to the platen to ensure even pressure across the width of the media

  • Head height can be set up to 6mm to allow for long fibre fabrics

  • Open RIP software architecture, supported by all major RIP vendors


*Print to both coated polyester and pre-treated cotton using Mutoh Genuine Textile Pigment (TP) Inks. Not all fabrics are alike - testing of fabrics for suitability of purpose is recommended before committing to production.

Production Speeds

The ValueJet 1938TX textile direct printer offers the following production speeds:

  • Speed - 360x360 dpi: 41.0 m²/h

  • Speed Production - 360x720 dpi: 22.0 m²/h

  • Production – 720x720 dpi: 11.0 m²/h

  • Quality Production – 720x1080 dpi: 8.5 m²/h