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7 Feb 2024

Chamton increased offering capacity and profit.

Chamton increased offering capacity and profit.

Chamton’s increased offering capacity and profit thanks to Mutoh and Total Image Supplies.

Chamtons are wholesale Picture Frame suppliers of Mouldings, Mat Board through to printed stock and custom prints of Canvas, Home Décor & Fine Art Prints into the Picture Framing, Décor and E-Store markets.
Established in 1985 and based in Melbourne they have recently been struggling with increased running costs and consumable costs of their aging printing technologies. Reaching out to the team at Total Image Supplies they were on the search to find a better solution.

“I love the ability of having a Hybrid Printer that can print onto both flexible media and rigids...”

With a diverse product range including foam-core, acrylic, glass, and canvas, Chamton operator Tony Angelidis researched other printer brands and printing technologies, concluding, with the guidance of TIS, that the Mutoh hybrid UV would be the ideal solution to deliver flexibility and productivity. Tony said “I love the ability of having a Hybrid Printer that can print onto both flexible media and rigids, as I do volumes in Canvas and Foamboard prints into the décor market”.
Servicing the home décor markets with fine art prints and custom canvas prints Tony states since acquiring the hybrid UV he “has seen improved quality, with no cracking on canvas, easy for production to wrap and does not have to wait for ink to dry”.

Mutoh VJ-1638UH Mk2 Hybrid UV printer

Click HERE for more information about the VJ-1638UH MkII

“The Mutoh was very well priced against other comparable offerings and my trusted relationship with Tyson was a major factor. Total Image Supplies have made the change over to new technology easy from day 1, with installation, training, support, profiling and ongoing support”.

Chamtons has experienced business growth with increased product offering capacity to new customers and existing customers. “The new Mutoh 1638UH has improved efficiency, quality and running costs. Overall, I have been very surprised, impressed and happy with the 4-Colour print quality, it’s been overwhelming accepted by my customers who now in most cases prefer the UV print”.

For more information on the Mutoh VJ-1638UH MkII, please contact:

Mutoh Australia | (02) 9437 1366 |

Total Image Supplies | 1300 768 015 | |


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