Vinyl Wrapping

MUTOH eco-solvent vinyl printers are among the best on the market for vinyl wrapping. And with our range of vinyl cutters, there's a solution for every print shop; from established businesses through to small businesses and start-ups. Vinyl wrapping is a very lucrative market with demand from all sorts of companies including those with fleet vehicles, delivery vans, and trucks, as well as shops and businesses needing specialised wrapping.

With MUTOH Smart Technology like the Intelligent Interweave print technique, which virtually eliminates print banding by laying down ink in a wave pattern, you have the competitive edge.

Our range of products suited to the Vinyl Wrapping market include:

Eco-Solvent Printers

  • VJ-628 - 630mm (24.8"), 2xCMYK or CMYKLcLm

  • VJ-1324X - 1324mm (54"), 1xCMYK

  • XPJ-1682SR - 1625mm (64"), dual staggered heads, 2xCMYK or CMYKLcLmLk

  • XPJ-1641SR - 1625mm (64"), 1xCMYK

  •  VJ-2638X - 2.6 metre (102"), dual staggered heads, double CMYK 


UV LED Printers

  •  VJ-1638UH - 1625mm (64") Roll and Sheet (up to 150mm) Hybrid UV LED

  • VJ-1638UR - 1625mm (64") Roll to Roll UV LED 


ValueCut2 Cutters

  • VC2-600 - desktop or floor-standing 610mm (24") cutter

  • VC2-1300 - 1320mm (54") cutter

  • VC2-1800 - 1830mm (72") cutter