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MUTOH ValueCut 2 Vinyl Cutters / Plotters

For producing signs, vinyl graphics, and stickers, MUTOH ValueCut 2 professional-grade vinyl cutters/vinyl plotters provide ease of use with superior cutting speed and cutting force. 

mutoh vc2-600 vinyl cutter

ValueCut 2-600

mutoh vc2-1300 vinyl cutter

ValueCut 2-1300

Max. cutting width 610mm

Max. media width 770mm

Max. cutting width 1320mm

Max. media width 1594mm

mutoh vc2-1800 vinyl cutter

ValueCut 2-1800

Max. cutting width 1830mm

Max. media width 1990mm

Best-in-class processing capability

highspeed icon

Superior Cutting Speed

Cut more in less time with a maximum cutting speed of 1530mm/s (at 45°)

cutting force icon

Optimum Cutting Force

Process even more types of media with a selectable cutting force ranging from 5g - 600g.

More Pinch Rollers for Accurate Tracking

mutoh vc2-1800 vinyl cutter multiple pinch rollers

With more pinch rollers the ValueCut 2 series vinyl cutters can accurately feed a wide range of media of varying thicknesses including sandblasting rubber, transfer vinyl, self-adhesive vinyl, and reflective up to 0.8mm 

Gradient design element
mutoh vc2 vinyl cutter stickers example
mutoh vc2 vinyl cutter window vinyl sticker example

Sticker Cutting

Vinyl lettering

Vehicle graphics


AASII Contour Cutting System
(Automatic Alignment System II)

mutoh vc2 vinyl cutter aas2 origin point icon

Origin point


mutoh vc2 vinyl cutter aas2 four point icon

4 point alignment

mutoh vc2 vinyl cutter aas2 segmented marks icon

Segmental alignment

mutoh vc2 vinyl cutter aas2 multiple copy mark icon

Multiple copy

The AASII enables accurate cutting of printed images and data such as vinyl stickers, vehicle graphics, iron-on transfers, and labels.
Automatic and easy to use; combine with a vinyl printer or UV printer for unparalleled printed and cut production.

Automatic detection of media feed direction


The orientation of the image is automatically detected from the shape of the registration marks and the cut data is adjusted to match and cut accurately.

Segmental alignment for long cutting jobs

mutoh vc2 vinyl cutter segmental cutting example

For accurate and reliable cutting of long jobs, additional registration marks can be added in the feed direction along with the four corner marks.

Continuous contour cutting function

When multiple copies of the same date are required, AASII can continuously detect registration marks for consistent, accurate cutting on all copies.

More blade options to give you the perfect cut

Red Cap

45° angle - 0.25mm offset

mutoh vc2 red cap cutter blade

Ideal for cutting:

- Fluorescent film

- Window tint film

- Standard vinyl

Green Cap

60° angle - 0.50mm offset

mutoh vc2 green cap cutter blade

Ideal for cutting:

- Reflective vinyl

- Cardboard
- Sandblast

- Flock

- Stencil

Blue Cap

60° angle - 0.25mm offset

mutoh vc2 blue cap cutter blade

Ideal for cutting thin sandblast mask and stencil.

Has a sharp angle and a special design allowing it to maneuver around sharp corners.

Black Cap

50° angle - 0.175mm offset

mutoh vc2 black cap cutter blade

Ideal for cutting small text and fine detail. 

Yellow Cap

25° angle - 0.25mm offset

mutoh vc2 yellow cap cutter blade

Ideal for cutting thin and delicate media such as window tint.

Gradient design element

3 Types of Interface Connectivity

Three types of connectivity allow for versatility within different work environments. Use USB for direct, close proximity connection to your computer or ethernet for network functionality.  

mutoh vc2 vinyl cutter connectivity ports

ValueCut dedicated cutting software 'FlexiSTARTER ValueCut Edition' comes as standard.

mutoh vc2 vinyl cutter flexi starter logo

Out of the box solution for creating cut data and print data, and seamlessly cut output to the cutter. Adding to this the ability to import artwork created with design applications such as Illustrator and CorelDRAW, add cut lines, registration marks, and then cut. 

Print and Cut

Eco-Solvent Print and Cut

Combine a Mutoh VC2 cutter with a Mutoh eco-solvent printer to make a true print and cut setup for continuous production or banners, stickers, vehicle graphics, signage and more.

UV Print and Cut

mutoh uv print and cut bundle

All the benefits of UV ink: instant cure, no outgassing, more intense colour, and a wider range of media compatibility, now with a Mutoh VC2 cutter for the ultimate print and cut production.

Desktop Print and Cut

mutoh desktop print and cut bundle

Create stickers, iron-on transfers, labels, and signage straight from your desktop. Outstanding print and cut quality and production.

VC2 Specifications

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