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MUTOH Applications - Specialty & Industrial

Much of the MUTOH range could conceivably satisfy a range of specialty and industrial tasks. We've highlighted the following products for their extraordinary capabilities.

The XPJ-461UF and XPJ-661UF are desktop UV LED printers that print direct to flat and shaped objects such as pens, trophies, phone cases, and more. Then there's the VJ-1638UH UV LED printer that is capable of printing directly to flat sheet media and roll media up to 1625mm (64") wide. Both these UV-LED printers can be configured with white ink and varnish to give you opportunities that regular inkjets don't offer.


The 42" (1080mm) RJ-900X is an aqueous printer that prints to sublimation transfer media. This is an affordable printer designed for small businesses and startups alike, anyone who wants to print sublimation-based promotional goods such as phone cases, photo panels, mouse mats, as well as small volume sports and team wear.

The 24.8" (630mm) VJ-628 is a desktop or floor-standing eco-solvent printer designed for specialty signage, prototypes, and design studios making mockups. The XPJ-1641SR is a similarly configured machine with a 1625mm (64") capability. Our largest roll media capable printer is the ValueJet 2638 which features dual, staggered print heads and double-CMYK capability.

We also offer the VJ-2638W which offers the same 2.6m wide media capability in an aqueous format. It's for the print shop that wants to run transfer sublimation paper at high production speeds. 

Complimenting our eco-solvent printers when printing vinyl - or for those just wanting cut vinyl - letters and shapes, we have three vinyl cutters in our ValueCut2 range. 

Our range of products suited to the Specialty & Industrial market includes:

Aqueous Printers

  • RJ-900X - four colour printer

  • VJ-2638X - 2600mm, dual staggered print heads, double CMYK


Eco-Solvent Printers

  • VJ-628 - 630mm, 2xCMYK or CMYKLcLm

  • XPJ-1341SR Pro - 1370mm, 1xCMYK

  • XPJ-1682SR - 1625mm, dual staggered heads, 2xCMYK or CMYKLcLmLkOr

  • XPJ-1641SR Pro - 1625mm, 1xCMYK

  • VJ-2638X - 2.6 metre, dual staggered heads, double CMYK


UV LED Printers

  • XPJ-461UF - 483mm x 329mm up to 70mm head height (150mm without table)

  • XPJ-661UF - 483mm x 594mm up to 150mm head height

  • VJ-1638UH - 1625mm Roll and Sheet (up to 150mm) Hybrid UV LED

  • VJ-1638UR - 1625mm Roll to Roll UV LED


ValueCut2 Cutters

  • VC2-600 - desktop or floor-standing 610mm cutter

  • VC2-1300 - 1320mm cutter

  • VC2-1800 - 1830mm cutter

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