Sign & Display

Mutoh's eco-solvent vinyl printers are among Sign & Display maker's most popular products. These and Mutoh's vinyl cutters are aimed squarely at the Sign & Display market. Utilising Mutoh solvent inks, we have printers that are capable of handling media from 610mm (24") rolls up to 2.6 metres wide. In addition, our UV printers are available in both a desktop model suitable for small signs and printing directly to promotional products, through a roll-to-roll plus flatbed hybrid printer that takes a 1625mm (64") wide roll or flat sheet.

Mutoh's ValueCut2 vinyl cutters compliment our roll-fed printers, allowing you to print and cut vinyl at the same time, where some competitors only allow you to print or cut from the printer. Our vinyl cutters are also perfect for startups and established sign shops wanting to only do cut vinyl lettering; or sportswear and textile businesses wanting to print and cut thermal textile vinyl.

Prints created using our eco-solvent inks are suitable for indoor and outdoor use for up to 3 years. We should point out here that the life of prints, especially outdoors, is influenced by display conditions, daily exposure to UV (sunlight), weather and, importantly, your choice of print media. For example, some vinyl media is better suited to long-term outdoor display than others. Using a suitable over-laminate may increase the life of your prints. Always consult with your media supplier regarding outdoor life of their products.

Our range of products suited to the Sign & Display market include:

Eco-Solvent Printers

  • VJ-628 - 630mm (24.8"), 2xCMYK or CMYKLcLm

  • VJ-1324X - 1324mm (54"), 1xCMYK

  • XPJ-1682SR - 1625mm (64"), dual staggered heads, 2xCMYK or CMYKLcLmLk

  • XPJ-1641SR - 1625mm (64"), 1xCMYK

  •  VJ-2638X - 2.6 metre (102"), dual staggered heads, double CMYK 


UV LED Printers

  • XPJ-461UF - 483mm x 329mm up to 70mm head height (150mm without table)

  • XPJ-661UF - 483mm x 594mm up to 150mm head height

  •  VJ-1638UH - 1625mm (64") Roll and Sheet (up to 150mm) Hybrid UV LED

  • VJ-1638UR - 1625mm (64") Roll to Roll UV LED 


ValueCut2 Cutters

  • VC2-600 - desktop or floor-standing 610mm (24") cutter

  • VC2-1300 - 1320mm (54") cutter

  • VC2-1800 - 1830mm (72") cutter