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2021 edp award

MUTOH Award-Winning VerteLith RIP Software

Achieves Unmatched Image Quality and Workflow Efficiency

MUTOH's own VerteLith RIP software has been developed to optimise the performance of MUTOH printers providing exceptional print quality and workflow efficiency. With an easy-to-use intuitive interface, the award-winning RIP features MUTOH's original half-tone technology - "MUTOH ClearTone" as well as wide colour gamut ICC profiles - "MUTOH CMYK" and "MUTOH CMYK Expanded".
Other features include:

- RIP preview and soft preview
- Automated layout processing and printing with multi-page PDF
- Simplified jig production with 2.5 D printing
- Automated multi-layer printing with multi-page PDF
- Automatic generation of spot color  

Gradient design element

MUTOH Clear Tone

MUTOH's original halftone technology is optimized to MUTOH printers to deliver the best skin tones with beautifully smooth gradations and less variation in colour density. Achieve a flawless finish even when using a standard CMYK configuration.

mutoh vertelith without clear-tone image. closed eyes with rainbow make-up.

Conventional Technology

Grainy and variation in colour density

mutoh vertelith with clear-tone image. closed eyes with rainbow make-up.

MUTOH Clear Tone

Smooth finish with less variation in colour density

Vivid Colour

Wide colour gamut with the MUTOH CMYK ICC input profile. Minimise colour clipping and achieve more vivid colour with every print across every media. Consistent, bright, and more accurate to your original file.

vertelith input profile gamut

Large 'MUTOH CMYK' colour gamut compared with 'Japan Color 2011' 

vertelith input profile mutoh cmyk


vertelith input profile japan color 2011

Japan Color 2011

Accurately Process PDF Transparencies

Often RIPs can struggle to handle PDF files that contain transparencies. This can lead to wasted time 'fixing' files and wasted media discovering the file didn't print correctly. VerteLith however can accurately reproduce the transparencies in the PDF file so what you see on screen is what you get in print, no waste.

Screen display

circular colours representing input file

PDF original data

Print result

circular colours representing other RIP's output results

Other RIPs

Inconsistent print results

circular colours representing input file

PDF original data

circular colours representing VerteLith output result


Accurate print results

Gradient design element

RIP Preview Before You Print

Preview the actual printing dots on screen after ripping minimising unnecessary printing errors.

RIP close-up preview of magenta gradient

Check discrepancies in printing results or settings.

RIP close-up preview of yellow with magenta dots

Check if the colours are generated as intended. Eg magenta contaminating yellow.

Soft Proof

Soft proof preview users the monitor profile and printer profile to simulate onscreen a close representation of the final printed result.

*A properly calibrated monitor is required. Perfect colour is not guaranteed.

onscreen soft proofing
print results from soft proof

Soft proof preview

Printed result

Workflow Efficiency

Automated layout processing and printing with Multi-page PDFs. Remove the need to manually set often-used print conditions on every job. Set print and layout settings to hot folders to enable quick and easy output and production of single document multi-page PDFs.

Mutoh VerteLith auto layout workflow

Simple Jig Creation

Using a jig is essential with flatbed printing for repeatable and accurate laying out of object blanks such as phone covers, name badges, woodblocks, etc however, machined jigs can be expensive. With VerteLith MUTOH's XPJ-461/661UF printers can print 2.5D jigs, fast, effective, and cost-efficient.

mutoh vertelith jig layout
mutoh vertelith jig printing

Set the jig layout information including placement and copies.

Print raised 'walls' quickly and easily.

Gradient design element

Efficient Multi-layer Printing

Automated multi-layer printing with multi-page PDFs. Artwork created with multiple layers across multiple pages can easily have various RIP settings applied and set to hot folders for automated processing

vertelith multi-layer pdf printing workflow

Auto-generation of Spot Channels

Using colour information in the original file VerteLith provides 6 auto-generated spot channel options. Quickly and easily auto-generate a gloss varnish channel for overprinting and spot white channel for under printing.

Original file

Auto-generated spot channels

vertelith auto spot colour creation

Computer Specifications

• Operating system: Windows 11 or Windows 10

• CPU: Intel Core i5 3GHz or better

• Recommended system memory: At least 16GB RAM

• Recommended display resolution: 1920x1080

• Recommended display screen scale: 100% (maximum 125%)

• Recommended network: Gigabit Ethernet to printer (preferred additional connection for internet)

• Recommended storage: 1TB SSD

• Sufficient free space in the storage drive to save processed and unprocessed jobs.

Gradient design element

Supported MUTOH Printers and Cutters

Eco Solvent Printers

XPJ-1341SR Pro


XPJ-1641SR Pro







Vinyl Cutters







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