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MUTOH Desktop UV Printers

XPJ-461-661UF header strip
Mutoh XPJ-461/661UF UV Printers
2023 pinnacle award
Mutoh XPJ-461UF UV printer logo

483mm x 329mm bed size

Mutoh XPJ-661UF UV printer logo

2023 Pinnacle Award Winner
483mm x 594mm bed size

Opening up a new world of opportunities with superior print versatility, quality, and ink adhesion. Configured with cyan, magenta, yellow, black, white, and varnish ink or CMYK only, you can now print almost anything you want, onto almost anything you choose. Built in Japan, MUTOH's desktop UV printers have an easy-to-use interface and deliver consistent and reliable operation with quick-to-print readiness having no excessive start-up requirements. 


The multi-award-winning XPJ-661UF desktop UV printer is proven best-in-class, winning print industry awards every year since it's release. 

European Digital Press Association Award 2020

epd award winner 2020

"Best Object Printer"

United Alliance "Product of the Year Award" 2020

product of the year award 2020

"Tabletop Flatbed (Industrial/Small Item Decoration"

United Alliance "Pinnacle Award" 2021

pinnacle award 2021

"Tabletop Flatbed (Industrial/Small Item Decoration"

United Alliance "Pinnacle Award" 2022

pinnacle award 2022

"Tabletop Flatbed (Industrial/Small Item Decoration"

United Alliance "Pinnacle Award" 2023

2023 pinnacle award

"Tabletop Flatbed (Industrial/Small Item Decoration"

Front view of the MUTOH XPJ-461UF UV Printer
Mutoh XPJ-461UF UV printer logo

Max. media thickness: 150mm w/o table (70mm with table)

• Print area with engraved lines: 483mm x 329mm

• Wider acrylic window

• Newly designed front cover with hydraulic  damper

• Table lifting with manual handle (optional crank handle is available)

• Optional vacuum table

Front view of the MUTOH XPJ-661UF UV Printer
Mutoh XPJ-661UF UV printer logo

2.5D print

• Print area with engraved lines: 483mm x 594mm

• Max. media thickness: 150mm

• Bundled vacuum table

• Automatic table lifting

• Stand included

• Optional rotary jig for cylindrical objects

2023 Pinnacle Product

Award Winner

Click HERE for 10 reasons why the MUTOH XPJ-461UF is the best-value desktop UV printer on the market


RRP (ex GST)

AUD $28,995.00

Weekly repayments*

AUD $150.00


RRP (ex GST)

AUD $41,995.00

Weekly repayments*

AUD $215.00

*Over a 5-year term. Delivery and installation not included. Weekly repayments are indicative only and subject to credit approval. A one-off documentation fee may apply. For further information, contact the Ecolease team on 1300 322 092.

Gradient design element

Endless possibilities

Gradient design element

Easily print braille on a wide range of surfaces

Detailed image of UV printed brialle and two braille samples

Take full advantage of MUTOH's UH21 ink using C, M, Y, K, + White + Varnish to quickly and easily print braille and raised icons. 

Coloured Braille

Clear Braille

mutoh uv rotary printing samples

Print onto bottles and cylindrical objects

Optional rotary unit

mutoh rotary jig
mutoh rotary jig installed

The option rotary unit enables the XPJ-661UF to perform a full 350-degree direct print onto cylindrical objects. Easy to operate it allows for printing onto cylindrical objects with a diameter from 30mm up to 120mm, width from 30mm up to 360mm, and max. weight of 1kg.

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Outstanding benefits

minimal touch icon

Minimal Touch

Easy-to-use intuitive navigation allows operators to quickly set up and produce jobs with minimal time at the printer.

automation icon


MUTOH's latest unique automated technologies provide time-saving efficiency and consistent high-quality prints.

quality icon

Incredible Print Quality

MUTOH's high-precision rail mechanism combined with print resolutions up to 1440 deliver outstanding prints

mutoh 25d icon

Tactile 2.5D Printing

Easily print textures and create unique finishes. Build braille and raised icons. 

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Outstanding Features

Mutoh XPJ-461UF and XPJ-661UF UV printers side by side

MUTOH’s unique UV LED lamp local dimming control technology

Mutoh Local Dimming Control logo

Multiple effects in one table movement.

The XPJ-461UF and XPJ-661UF UV printers are equipped with a newly developed segmented 50mm wide UV lamp. Each segment can be individually controlled to enable the production of multiple varnish effects in the same bed movement such as gloss, semi-gloss, and matte. The result is a substantial productivity boost as well as minimising the risk of dust contamination in the gloss.

Pancake print with closs and matte varnish

Matte Varnish

Gloss Varnish

Glossy and matte varnish can be achieved even when the varnish is simultaneously printed with colour during a single bed movement.

MUTOH local dimming control graphic

Ink jetting


Ink jetting varnish leveling (smoothing)


Nozzle Area Select

mutoh nozzle area select logo

Print quality matters! The XpertJet UF series printers have built-in cleaning and maintenance features to ensure the highest quality print results that MUTOH users have come to expect. If however, a nozzle within the print head should clog, Nozzle Area Select allows you to 'turn off' a section of the print head containing the missing nozzle and continue print production with the remaining nozzles.

Test print showing missing nozzle

Test print with a missing nozzle

Print with front portion of the heads

Test print with a section of nozzles turned off
Front view of MUTOH XPJ-661UF UV printer with cover open indicating 150mm table height

Fully automatic table hight

The automatic table height adjustment feature on the XPJ-661UF allows for printing onto objects up to 150mm high. The internal sensor will detect the height of the object to be printed and the bed will then lower from the top position as far down as 150mm in a single uninterrupted movement without the need to add or remove additional tables or spaces.

Simply better ink

greenguard logo

MUTOH's environmentally friendly US11 UV ink has no VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and no HAPs (harmful air pollutants). There is no need to install an air filtration or extraction unit.

US11 is Greenguard Gold certified and compliment with the European Standard of safety of toys EN71 part3: 2013+A1:2014

en71 logo
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