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10 reasons why the MUTOH XPJ-461UF is the best value desktop UV printer on the market

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1. Print onto almost anything

Almost any object that can be placed within the 483 x 329 x 150mm print area can be printed onto. Print full colour company logos, names, images, and graphics onto a wide range of surfaces including wood, acrylic, stone, plastic, leather, various metals, ALMOST ANYTHING!!!

2. Easy operation

MUTOH has always had the reputation for the ease of use of its products and the XPJ-461UF is no different. Approachable and intuitive the XPJ-461UF has a beautifully simple OLED control panel built into a compact and sleek design printer.

3. Outstanding print quality

It's all about the final output. With the highest print resolution of 1440x1440dpi, every detail and every tone is exceptionally reproduced.

4. No need for filtration

MUTOH's US11 ink is GREENGUARD GOLD certified and contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or harmful air pollutants (HAPs) therefore you don't require an additional costly and noisy filtration unit.

5. Range of printable objects

With the ability to accept objects up to 150mm high, the XPJ-461UF has a greater range of objects it can print to allowing for more opportunities.

6. ADA compliant braille

Quickly and easily print ADA compliant braille and raised icons, then follow up with clean and accurate over colour creating beautiful braille and tactile signage.

7. Ethernet connectivity

Don't be limited by the distance between the host computer and the printer. With Ethernet connectivity, any computer on the local network can easily communicate with the printer removing the need for users to redesign their work environment.

8. Local Dimming Control

Print gloss varnish at the same time as the rest of the job. MUTOH's Local Dimming Control technology adjusts individual LED lamps to allow for matte and gloss finishes to be achieved in a single bed movement, minimising the risk of gloss varnish contamination.

9. VerteLith RIP software

MUTOH's bundled easy to use RIP software delivers a large range of benefits and features including, jig creation, multipage layout, and multilayer printing.

10. Built in Japan

Unlike other manufactures MUTOH printers are still built in Japan to the highest standards ensuring superior quality, longevity, and award-winning print results.

BONUS Reason - Affordable

The MUTOH XPJ-461UF delivers high quality prints, ease of use, and almost endless printing opportunities at an amazing price.

Click HERE to visit the MUTOH Australia website for more information about

the XPJ-461UF printer.

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