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Braille and Tactile Signage

Close up of braille print
Tactile restroom sign including braille
Tactile restroom sign including braille with wood texture background
Tactile sign with clear braille on brushed aluminium

Australia is taking steps to enhance the accessibility of public spaces for individuals with diverse abilities. One such initiative involves the installation of inclusive navigation signage, including Braille signage. While producing Braille signage can be a costly and time-consuming endeavour, advances in printing technology have made it possible to create tactile signage using UV printers to create the Braille and raised icons. 

Innovative approach offers several advantages


  • Versatility: UV Braille printing allows for the production of signage with varying heights to comply with accessibility standards and accommodate different tactile preferences.


  • Clarity: The printing process generates clear, legible Braille characters, ensuring effective communication for individuals who rely on Braille for navigation.


  • Customisation: UV Braille printing enables the creation of signage in a variety of colours, including white Braille, clear Braille, and full-colour Braille, providing flexibility to match specific design requirements and enhance visual appeal.


  • Small Batch Runs and Uniqueness: UV printing allows for small batch runs, enabling the production of signage in smaller quantities to meet specific needs. This flexibility is particularly useful in situations where only a few signs are required or where unique designs are desired.


These advancements in Braille signage production represent a significant step forward in promoting inclusivity and accessibility within public spaces.

At the forefront of innovation, Mutoh UV printers set the benchmark for Braille and tactile signage printing. Built-in Japan, Mutoh UV printers seamlessly integrate with Mutoh's own VerteLith RIP software, a powerful and intuitive platform that streamlines print production.

Compatible Devices

Mutoh XPJ-461UF
Mutoh XPJ-661UF
Mutoh XPJ-1462UF

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