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Mutoh XPJ-1462UF header strip
Mutoh XPJ-1462UF flatbed UV printer

MUTOH XPJ-1462UF Flatbed UV Printer

1,420mm (W) x 700mm (D) x 150mm (H) Dual head CMYK+W+V

'Built for Professionals' with made-in-Japan quality the XpertJet-1462UF is the perfect balance between productivity and print size. Delivering serious flatbed production without a serious flatbed footprint.

European Digital Press Association Award 2024

EDP Best Object Printer Award 2024

"Best Object Printer"

United Alliance "Pinnacle Award" 2023

2023 pinnacle award

UV/Latex Flatbed


Print Onto Almost Anything

mutoh xpj-1462uf stained glass example

Stained Glass on acrylic

mutoh xpj-1462uf candle tins example

Candle Tins

mutoh xpj-1462uf packaging proof example

Box Proof

mutoh xpj-1462uf phone cases example

Phone Cases

mutoh xpj-1462uf retail poster example

Retail Poster

mutoh xpj-1462uf braille example

Braille Signage

mutoh xpj-1462uf chalk board example


mutoh xpj-1462uf canvas print example

Art Prints

mutoh xpj-1462uf giftware example


Outstanding benefits

highspeed icon

High-Speed Production

Dual staggered print heads deliver uncompromised high-speed 2-layer production

automation icon


MUTOH's latest technologies minimise user input while delivering consistent high-quality prints.

mutoh 25d icon

Tactile 2.5D Printing

Print textures, braille and raised icons quickly and easily. 

quality icon

Incrediable Print Quality

Precision ink dot placement enables high-quality results even in high-speed printing.

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Outstanding Production

Staggered Dual Print Heads

mutoh xpj-1462uf print heads

Staggered dual print heads enable higher speed 2-layer printing than single head configurations. It is also ideal for braille and 2.5D structure prints.

Two New UV LED Lamps

mutoh xpj-1462uf dual lamps

Two UV LED lamps located on either side of the head carriage guarantees optimal curing in bi-directional printing.

Production Speed

mutoh xpj-1462uf production speed chart

Media Support

4 Zone Vacuum Table

mutoh xpj-1462uf 4 zone vacuum table

The table is divided into 4 zones that can be individually controlled to maximise vacuum efficiency.

Table Features

mutoh xpj-1462uf table features

1) Vacuum holes can be used to fix jigs

2) Magnets can be used

3) M4 tapped holes for fixing jigs

4) Etched guide for visual alignment

Auto Head Height Adjustment 

mutoh xpj-1462uf auto head height

The laser sensor automatically detects the thickness of the media and raises the gantry to allow sufficient clearance preventing collisions with the media and protecting the head.

Acceptable media: 1,420mm (W) x 700mm (D) x 150mm (H), up to 50kg/m2

Automatic Nozzle Checking Unit

The automatic nozzle checking unit can optically monitor firing nozzles from the print head, missing nozzles can be detected automatically and nozzle cleaning can be performed reducing operators' workload.

If nozzles are not recovered, the Nozzle Area Select function automatically activates to continue printing.

mutoh xpj-1462uf auto nozzle check function

Nozzle Area Select

mutoh nozzle area select logo

Print quality matters! The XpertJet-1462UF have built-in cleaning and maintenance features to ensure the highest quality print results. If however, a nozzle within the print head should clog, Nozzle Area Select allows you to 'turn off' a section of the print head containing the missing nozzle and continue print production with the remaining nozzles.

Test print showing missing nozzle

Test print with a missing nozzle

Print with front portion of the heads

Test print with a section of nozzles turned off
mutoh xpj-1462uf dedicated nozzle checking area

Perform a manual nozzle check quickly and easily at any time without the need to remove the print job. A dedicated nozzle check area, away from the print area, saves time by allowing media, jig, and head height to remain set and unaltered when a nozzle check print needs to be performed.

Dedicated Nozzle Checking Area

Gradient design element

MUTOH’s UV LED lamp local dimming control

Mutoh Local Dimming Control logo

Multiple effects in one table movement.

The XPJ-1462UF is equipped with segmented UV lamps. Each segment can be individually controlled to enable the production of multiple varnish effects in the same single bed movement such as gloss, semi-gloss, and matte. The result is a substantial productivity boost as well as minimising the risk of dust contamination in the gloss.

mutoh xpj-1462uf local dimming control function

Ink jetting


Ink jetting varnish leveling (smoothing)


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XPJ-1462UF Specs
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