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Below are some of our Eco-Ultra printer choices that give you the option of using light ink colours for smoother tones and gradients; as well as our UV printers that can print to a large range of rigid media and panels. In addition, our sublimation range can also produce incredible results on high gloss, purpose -made sublimation photo panels, and more.

Our range of products suited to the Posters & Photographic market include:

Eco-Ultra Printers

  • VJ-628X - 630mm (24.8") up to 8 colours including silver and white

  • VJ-1628X - 1625mm (64") up to 8 colours including silver and white


LED-UV Printers

  • VJ-426UF - 483x329mm table-top UV printer

  • VJ-1626UH - 1625mm (64") Roll and Sheet Hybrid LED-UV


Aqueous / Sublimation Printers

  • RJ-900X - 42" (1067 mm) four colour printer

  • VJ-1624WX - 64" (1625 mm) four colour printer

  • VJ-1638WX - 64" (1625 mm) dual staggered print heads, double-CMYK or up to 8 colours

**Offer valid for transactions settled between 01/06/20 -30/09/20 and are subject to credit approval. Financial statement may be required for deferred payment options. Finance available for both Rental and Chattel Mortgage and consist of three-monthly repayments at zero $ followed by 45 or 57 monthly repayments. Fees apply. Not available in conjunction with any other promotional or discounted offer from Mutoh.

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