ValueJet 2638X

2600mm (102") Super-Wide Format, Dual-Head, Double CMYK, Eco-Solvent

Discover Mutoh’s ValueJet 2638X, our second generation 102” (260 cm) wide dual head sign & display printer, featuring latest piezo inkjet head technology & high-precision mechanical design, latest generation electronics and high quality inks. 



The ValueJet 2638X printer offers incredible performance, quality and print speeds that surpass competitor products in the same class. In fact, running the VJ-2638X in High Quality Production mode (6 pass 720x1080 dpi) is faster than many 64" printers on the market running at their fastest, lower quality speeds. So it makes sense that the ValueJet 2638X can replace your other prints and be used for all your production requirements.

  • High Quality – 6 pass 720x1080 dpi: 21 m²/h

  • Quality Production – 4 pass 360x720 dpi: 31 m²/h

  • Production – 4 pass 720x720 dpi: 37 m²/h

  • Production – 2 pass 360x720 dpi: 44.0 m²/h

  • Speed Production – 2 pass 360x360 dpi: 53.0 m²/h


The VJ-2638X also features Mutoh's Intelligent Interweave print technology (i²) which virtually eliminates banding. i² allows for increased print speeds and helps create incredible image quality.