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XPD-724 DTF printer

XPD-724 DTF Printer

Japanese Made for Better Results

Direct-to-film (DTF) is a method that is revolutionising textile printing. Unlike direct-to-garment printing (DTG) which is often restricted to cotton, DTF is capable of printing onto non-treated cotton, silk, polyester, denim, nylon, leather, 50/50 blends, and more.


It works equally well on white and dark textiles.


This level of versatility makes DTF printing an ideal choice for customizing a wide range of garments and accessories.


Simple Process

  1. Print onto the coated PET film.

  2. Apply the lightweight powder either manually or by using an automatic powder shaker.

  3. Bake the powder-coated print resulting in an image ready for transfer.

  4. Transfer now or at a later date.

XPD-724 DTF printer with print coming out


Shaker unit with powder going on DFT film


DFT film going through shager over


T-Shirt on heat press


Benefits of DTF

Black and white ticked box

No cutting or weeding requied

Black and white ticked box

No pre-treatment required

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A great option for small orders

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Suitable for a wide range of fabrics

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Low cost on waste

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Low investment - high reward

Five DTF example image grouped together







Ink circulation icon

Ink Circulation

White ink circulation helps to maintain ink consistency and quality.

High detail icon

High Detail

Achieve crisp and defined edges in graphics and text.

Maintenance icon

Lower Maintenance

Save time and money with lower maintenance than the previous model.

Ethernet icon

Ethernet Connectivity

Print from anywhere free from restrictions of location and distance.

Quality Certified Ink

STS DTF inks are ECO PASSPORT, OEKO-TEX certified, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Made in the USA, STS DTF inks have consistent colour from batch to batch, and deliver high colour density with excellent print performance and great wash fastness.

OKE-TEC and ECO Passport details
Front load washing machine with clothes inside

Longer Lasting

Logo for up to forty washes

With the powder lasting for up to 40 washes, prints will look better for longer.

gradient strip

Compact DTF Printer

Professional features in one compact unit set VJ-628 apart from the competition.

Built-In Cut-Off Blade

The MUTOH XPJ-724 has a built-in cut-off blade eliminating the need for you to slice your printed media off by hand. Using the remote panel you can choose to cut the media off immediately or set it to cut automatically after printing. 

Speed and quality

Select from a range of resolutions, from high-speed 360dpi up to 1440dpi for highly detailed images.

Variable Dot Technology

With variable dot technology large dots are used in heavily saturated areas and smaller dots for lighter areas allowing you to produce amazing prints with depth and quality. Achieve rich, saturated graphics, logos, and images, and fine, sharp details, all printed at the same time.

Adjustable Head height
Alternate between low and high head height positions to give you the freedom and confidence to print onto various media in different thicknesses without concern of head scuffing. You can now print onto a greater range of media for a multitude of applications.

XPD-724 Specs
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