Mutoh Genuine Eco-Ultra Ink

Ink for Eco-Solvent Printers

Mutoh Eco Ultra inks are Mutoh’s most popular inks for outdoor sign applications on a wide range of uncoated and coated substrates. The inks are based on non-aggressive solvents and do not spread any harmful VOCs in the working environment. 



Mutoh Eco-Ultra ink offers world-class colour reproduction and printer reliability. We continually test the performance of Eco-Ultra ink in our labs to ensure you get the best quality output and the reliability you need. Our tests allow us to guarantee batch-to-batch consistency for the life of your printer.

Mutoh has a range of printers that support Eco-Ultra inks, from the 54" VJ-1324 and 64" VJ-1624, both CMYK printers, through to the high productivity 64" VJ-1638X and 102" (2.6m) VJ-2638 printers. In addition, the very affordable VJ-628X and the outstanding VJ-1628X each offer multiple Eco-Ultra ink configurations that include White and Metallic silver options.


To ensure the best performance from your Mutoh printer, insist on genuine Mutoh inks. Mutoh genuine ink is available from our authorised Dealers. Product ordering codes and recommended prices are below. You should not be paying any more than the indicated RRP price (plus GST and not including shipping). Inks that appear to be comparatively very cheap are often an indication of non-genuine / fake products. For further information contact Mutoh Australia.

* 1000ml Ink Bags require optional VJ-HCIPADPT High Capacity Ink Adapters.