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mutoh uv led ink uh21 cartridges

MUTOH UH21 Hard UV Ink

The MUTOH’s original UV-LED ink; UH21 has been specifically developed for MUTOH’s specialty/ industrial UV printers. The ink enables beautiful and versatile layer printing with CMYK + white and varnish colours. Available in cartridges & bulk ink bags, MUTOH's UV-LED ink features ultra-sharp, high-quality output.

Broad Range of Applications

UV print onto mirrors example

Mirror panels

UV printed industrial gauge

Industrial gauge

UV printed cylindrical tins

Cylindrical tins

UV printed sports drink bottle

Sports drink bottle

UV printed braille sign

Braille signage

UV printed ID cards

ID cards

UV printed pens

Promotional pens

UV printed phone case

Textures phone case

UV printed directional signage

Directional signage

UV printed canvas with textures

Textured canvas

UV printed game board

Game board

UV printed glass award

Glass award

Outstanding benefits

timesaving icon

Time Saving

Instant cure.
Prints come out dry and ready to finish or deliver.

mutoh 2.5d icon

Tactile Print

With the ability to 'build', printing
braille, raised areas, and 
textures are easily achievable.

versatility icon


Print onto a wider range of media including heat-sensitive substrates, vinyl, banner, canvas, wallpaper, PP, PE, and more.

resistant icon


UH21 hard ink has a superior chemical resistance especially against gasoline, acetone and IPA.

Gradient design element

Better ink delivery

mutoh uh21 k220 cartridge

220ml cartridge

Expect only the best from MUTOH. UH21 hard UV LED inks are available in 220ml cartridges and are sealed to protect the ink from air and UV exposure. The delivery system is quick and easy and minimizes the risk of user error, user exposure, and ink spillage.


Mutoh Australia MSDS - UH21 Ink - updated 3 February 2021








Supported devices

Print onto almost anything, PVC, canvas, and sign products to pens, boxes, phone cases, and promotional products.

mutoh xpj-461uf desktop uv printer
mutoh xpj-461uf uv led logo
  • 483 x 329mm bed size

  • CMYK, White, Varnish

mutoh xpj-661uf desktop uv printer
mutoh xpj-661uf uv led logo
  • 483 x 594mm bed size

  • CMYK, White, Varnish

mutoh vj-1638uh mark2 uv printer
mutoh  vj-1638uh logo
  • 1625mm dual head

  • Roll and rigid media up to 15mm thick

  • 2 x CMYK or CMYK+White+Varnish

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