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Where are MUTOH printers manufactured?

Updated: Jan 10

MUTOH printers are made in Japan and have a reputation for exceptional build quality, excellent print quality, ease of use, and having a long productive life.

Founded in Japan in December 1942 by Yoshiro Mutoh and supporting MONOZUKURI, excellence in manufacturing, MUTOH continues to innovate, winning multiple awards with their Japanese-built printers and RIP software 70 years on.

MUTOH's manufacturing division is located at their Suwa Factory in Shimosuwa, Nagano Prefecture.

Map of Japan with MUTOH factory location highlighted
Suwa Factory in Shimosuwa, Nagano Prefecture.

Here highly skilled staff trained and accredited in various aspects of the production process, assemble MUTOH printers to meet strict high standards of accuracy and performance to deliver a more robust, long-lasting printer that is reliable and able to perform with the highest quality, consistently for many years.

Mutoh employees assembling printers

The factory itself was acquired by MUTOH in 1973 and walking inside, it looks in every way what you would expect from a world-leading Japanese manufacturer. Extremely clean and ordered, everything has its place and nothing is out of place. The streamlined minimalist assembly line allows MUTOH to truly deliver on their value of monozukuri, excellence in manufacturing.

Mutoh employees assembling printers with view of factory

MUTOH printers win multiple awards every year and have a reputation for ease of use, outstanding print quality, and exceptional build quality, this is thanks to their skilled manufacturing and engineering.

For information on MUTOH's history click HERE

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