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  • Stephen Crichton

Print onto golf balls

Are you looking to make a memorable impact?

Personalised golf balls make the perfect gift or can be great promotional products for businesses large and small.

So how do you personalise a golf ball?

With UV direct print. MUTOH's XPJ-461/661 UF desktop UV printers can print onto almost anything and deliver full-colour, high-detail image quality making printing onto golf balls super easy.

Because you can print onto almost anything the XPJ-461/661 UF desktop UV printers are ideal for printing logos, names, and images for a whole range of applications from promotional products to awards, and giftware to tactile signage, the opportunities are endless.

Configured with CMYK + white + varnish allows you to print full-colour onto white surfaces, white on coloured surfaces, white under colour, white over colour, matte and gloss varnish finish. Powered by MUTOH's own easy-to-use VerteLith RIP you can print almost anything onto almost anything.

Find out more about the XPJ-461/661 UF printers here

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